Choosing Adoption For An Unexpected Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant sometimes feel depressed in regards to how well they will be able to care for the baby after giving birth. Sometimes the depression stems from them getting pregnant after going through a traumatic situation, such as from an abusive partner or stranger. If you are currently dealing with a pregnancy that wasn't planned, take a moment to consider what your options are.

For instance, if you are already several months along in the pregnancy and abortion isn't an option, the most ideal way forward might be to give the baby up for adoption. The content below will give you information about in regards to allowing your baby to be legally adopted by another family. 

The Ability to Choose the Family

Don't think that your baby will be adopted into a family that you know nothing about, unless it is the route that you want to take. You will actually have the opportunity to view a substantial amount of personal information about the potential adoptive families for your baby.

For instance, you will know about the religious, educational, and criminal background of the couples looking to adopt a child. You will also be told why the couples have decided to adopt a child, such as if they are infertile or not. Once you have decided on an adoptive family, you can meet them in person before making the decision final.

Qualifying to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption 

You might have to meet certain requirements before an adoption agency will accept your baby to be considered by their clients. Every agency has their own requirements, but some of them are the same.

For instance, an agency might not accept a baby that has a biological mother who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. The reason why is because her bad habits can lead to the baby having a high risk of medical problems. Your criminal background and several other things might be assessed by the adoption agency that you choose.

Your Rights After the Adoption Process

You might actually still have rights after going through the adoption process. Your rights will depend on what the adoptive parents are willing to agree to, as they will legally become your child's parents.

In some cases, the adoptive parents will allow the biological mother to maintain a relationship or receive occasional updates about the child as he or she grows up. However, you will only have such rights if a legal agreement is made.